What Is Attractive To A Woman?

There are millions of guys out there who have asked some form of this question in one way or another. What IS attractive to a woman? What are women attracted to?

There’s a lot of bad advice out there and it’s definitely hard to tell what’s right and what’s wrong. As a man, sometimes you feel like you’re making progress with a woman to only find out she just likes you as a friend. You get mixed signals and your emotions are always running wild because you just don’t know what to think anymore. Well, my friend, I am going to give you a very simple guide on what really is attractive to a woman.

Confidence Is Attractive To A Woman

First and foremost, this is the most important concept you must understand. Confidence reigns KING in terms of what is attractive to a woman.

What exactly is confidence though and how do you obtain it? The term seems so vague – even the dictionary’s definition of it seems to be a bit confusing. In my opinion, confidence is owning who you are in life at the moment and being unapologetic about it.

Have you ever seen children playing? They run around, dance, and say whatever is on their minds. They don’t care about what anyone is thinking of them. This is the same mindset and personality that you need to portray in your daily life. You need to become the little child again. You chase your goals in life, you pursue your passions, you say what you want to say, and have no regrets for any of it.

How do you do this? My friend, it’s not going to be EASY but if there is one thing you can develop in your life that will have the most profound success in attracting women – it is developing confidence.

I wrote an article about different ways to improve your confidence in an earlier post, but in general, it takes a deep and passionate reflection of your life and a commitment to want to change and be the best person you can possibly be in this world.

Always focus on bettering yourself. Get rid of your negative thoughts, go to therapy, meditate, do NLP, read books, get rid of your needy behavior, improve your body language, improve your conversational skills, get hobbies, learn to be social, talk to lots of women, learn a martial art, learn to speak, learn to write. The more you develop yourself, the more you will see that your neediness starts to dissipate and you naturally become more confident.

The culmination of you developing yourself into an amazing human being will transform you physically and mentally to the point where you really don’t care what anyone thinks about you – especially women. Once you have this attitude, you are going to be extremely attractive to women and it really won’t take much more work on top of that to actually get them to date you.

Looks and Appearance Are Attractive To A Woman

A lot of people like to say “Looks don’t matter.” Sorry to burst your bubble but they are incorrect. Now, looks may not matter as much as some people would like to think, but I believe they definitely matter. The good thing is, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney to attract a beautiful woman. If you have developed your confidence like I wrote above, you only need to make some minor and easy changes to this area to truly attract a beautiful woman into your life.

Here are some easy things you can do to instantly improve your looks and appearance:

1. Exercise

Get up off your lazy ass and join a gym, go running, or start a hobby that is a good workout. You’ll start to lose weight, build muscle, and overall you’ll look physically better, and mentally you will feel better.

2. Develop your fashion and style

It makes me cringe how many guys out there still don’t know how to dress. Just literally google how to dress well as a man and you’ll find dozens of articles and pictures showing you what it looks like to dress well as a man. Go get some well-fitting clothes and tailor them if you have to.

3. Groom yourself and take care of your hygiene

I still see a lot of guys out there who have raggedy and unattractive haircuts and long nails/toenails. This is totally unacceptable. Go get a good haircut, clean up your facial hair, cut your nails, and take regular showers. Make sure you have nice teeth and your breath smells good.

All three of these things are so easy to implement into your life and will have tremendous effects on your success with women. There is absolutely no excuse why you can’t start these right away.

Status Is Attractive To A Woman

Hate to say it boys, but there is just some biological attraction to men who have status. I think this is where a lot of confusion comes when people say women are attracted to men for their money. It’s not that. What is attractive to a woman is a man’s status, not his money. Usually status comes with money for example a celebrity or a CEO of a company. But the fact of the matter is, it’s not the money that is attractive, it’s the status.

Even status on a smaller scale can work to your advantage. Being a bartender, leading a group meeting, or just being popular in your social circle are all signs of status in a man. Women find this attractive because it shows a sense of leadership. It also shows that a man is confident which goes back to my first point. Another thing is that a man with status will be at the forefront where most of the women will notice him. This creates a sort of jealousy and competition between women which is innately attractive to them.

Emotional Stimulation Is Attractive To A Woman

What does emotional stimulation mean? Basically, anything you do or say that can alter the way a woman feels (if done the right way) will make her attracted to you.

Keep this in mind when talking to or messaging a woman. Is what you’re saying to her making her feel an emotion? If not, you are not igniting any attraction and are just having platonic conversations.

This is the whole concept of “game”. I like to call it emotional stimulation. When you get good at game, you get good at all the things that can push the right buttons in a woman’s brain to make her attracted to you. Flirting, bantering, being seductive and sexual, being a challenge. All of these things make a woman’s emotions run wild and they eventually get obsessed with you.

It All Comes Down To Four Qualities

This is a simple guide to what is attractive to a woman. When you boil it down, it comes to just four things. Confidence, looks, status, and emotional stimulation. Now, I don’t believe these are all weighted equally so I am going to break them down into percentages so you can get a feel of what you should be focusing on the most.

Confidence – 35%

Looks & Appearance – 15%

Status – 20%

Emotional Stimulation – 30%

The thing about these four things is that they can easily overlap and there are some general rules that you have to follow (most are common sense). For example, even though I have confidence being the most important at 40%, there is an underlying amount of confidence in each one of the other qualities. For example, you need to be confident even if you have looks & appearance or it won’t matter. You also have to be confident even if you have status. You also have to be confident when you are emotionally stimulating women or otherwise they will see right through your tactics.

When it comes to looks, you have to be a minimum standard for women to even give you a chance. You cannot look like a mountain troll with 4 missing teeth and be 400 pounds. If you look like that, it won’t matter what other traits you have – you won’t attract any woman. I hope this is common sense for you guys.

I hope this guide was helpful to you in understanding what it is that a woman is attracted to. Comment below if you have any questions!

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