The Cube Gambit

The Cube Gambit is the gambit of all gambits. This is one routine that has been around since the beginning of pick-up. This gambit was first made popular by Neil Strauss, author of “The Game’.

Basically, The Cube Gambit is a psychological game you play with a girl that walks her through a vivid imaginative scenario involving a cube, a ladder, flowers, a horse, and a storm. You will analyze her answers and give her a cold reading about her personality.

If done correctly, this gambit can be used to build massive attraction with women.

Are you up for it?

If so, let’s get started.

Introducing The Cube

The best time to use The Cube Gambit will be when you’re on a date.

Other times you could use The Cube would be if you’re talking to a girl you just met while you’re out and you’ve built a good amount of rapport. This could be either a stranger or even a friend of a friend.

Personally, I like to already be talking about things like personality, zodiac signs, or characteristic traits before bringing up the gambit. I will segue into the game by saying something like “Oh, that’s interesting that we’re talking about this subject because there’s this game I like to play that’s kind of like a personality test. It’s called The Cube, have you heard of it?”

If she hasn’t heard of it, you’re good to continue with the gambit. However, if for some reason she says she’s heard it (which I haven’t encountered yet) you can ask her if she remembers her answers and go along from there. Make sure you have at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted alone time conversation. If there are any distractions, it will reduce the effectiveness and magnitude that it has on the woman.

Once she’s eagerly ready to hear what you have to say, you can start the routine.

The Room and The Cube

There have been many variations of The Cube Gambit, but I like to stick with the most simplistic one. You’ll see versions of The Cube on a field, or in a desert, but I simply like to use a plain white room.

The more you keep things simple, the easier it will be for you to remember the routine.

Start off by telling her,

“Picture a plain white room. Just the size of a normal room of a house.”

Now tell her to place a cube into the picture of this room and ask her if the cube is big or small. Then, ask her if the cube is a solid color, or if it’s translucent (see-through). Following that, ask if the cube is on the floor or floating in the air. The final question will be to ask her in which direction she is facing the cube. Is she facing a flat side of the cube or one of the corners?

The Cube is a representation of herself. 

If the cube is big she has a big personality, likes to stand out, and is very confident about herself. It means she has a healthy ego. If the cube is small, she is a little insecure about herself and possibly does not feel super confident in her own skin.

When the cube is on the ground she is practical and grounded. When the cube is floating, she is more of a creative type.

In her picture, if she’s facing the flat side of the cube, she’s more of the average person versus someone who faces a corner. People who face the corner are considered visionaries.

If the cube is see-through, she’s easy to read, kind of like an open book, and not afraid to share things about herself.

When the cube is solid, she’s harder to read. She’s more protective and it takes her more time to open up with people.

The Ladder

Next, tell her to add a ladder to the room. Ask her where in the room is the ladder located. Is it leaning on a wall, or is it leaning on the cube itself? How tall is the ladder? Are there a lot of rungs on that ladder? Is the ladder easy or hard to climb?

The ladder represents her ambition.

If she has a tall ladder, she has a lot of ambition. When it’s a small ladder, she does not have much ambition and is happy where she’s at in life right now.

If the ladder is easy to climb, it means she’s very motivated and eager to reach her goals. It’s easy for her to go for what she wants. When the ladder is hard to climb, she’s having struggles to achieve her goals, and it’s hard for her to stay motivated.

If the ladder is leaning on the cube, it means she ties her career or her long-term goals closely with her identity. She may be the type that mixes together business and personal endeavors. When the ladder is leaning against the wall away from the cube, it means she separates her personal life from her business and likes to keep the two separate.

The Flowers

Now ask her to add some flowers to the picture. Are there a lot of flowers or only a few? Where are the flowers located? Are they the same type of flower, or different types of flowers?

The flowers represent her friends.

If there are a lot of flowers, she has a lot of friends, and if she has a few flowers she has a few friends.

When there are many different types of flowers, it signifies that she has different friends of different cultural backgrounds.

The proximity of the flowers to the cube determines how close she is to her friends. If the flowers are located near the cube, she is very close with her friends and if they are far away, she perhaps is distant or she has long distant friendships.

The Horse

After the flowers, ask her to add to the picture a horse. Where is the horse? Is it a big or small horse? What is the horse doing? Tell her to give you 3 words that would describe the horse’s personality.

The horse represents her ideal man.

Depending on how she describes this horse is how you will interpret what she says. Listen carefully to how she describes it. She will most likely start describing the horse using “he”. For example, she might say “He’s roaming around the flowers very calmly”.

The Storm

Finally, ask her to picture a storm and add it to the scenario. Where is the storm located? Is it in the room or outside? Is it a heavy storm that’s fucking shit up, or is it a light storm? Does it stay for long or does it pass quickly? Perhaps, it’s just a small rain shower.

The storm represents her struggles in life.

If the storm is outside, she most likely has problems but they are not taking up a lot of mental space. When the storm is inside, it is probably an issue that is taking a lot of her focus away and she’s thinking about it quite a bit.

If the severity of the storm is large, she’s having a lot of struggles. When it’s a light storm then her struggles at the moment aren’t too bad or she has overcome them.

The length of the storm is how quickly she’s able to get over her struggles. When the storm passes quickly, she’s able to work through her problems fast. If the storm lingers for a while, she struggles to solve her issues.

Putting It All Together

The key to the cube is asking her to imagine the room and then place the objects 1 by 1 as described above. First the cube, then the ladder, flowers, horse, and storm. Make sure to have her describe the objects and locations as described above. Once the entire scenario is painted and all of the questions have been asked you can ask her if she’d like to know what all of this really means.

As a joke, I like to say. “So, I just made all of that up, it doesn’t mean anything really.”

After a brief pause, you can laugh and tell her you are kidding. From there, you can go on explaining what each symbol represents and then sit back in awe and watch how impressed and entertained she will be with how closely you were able to interpret her reality.

Summary of The Cube

Here is a quick summary of what each symbol represents:

The Cube – The Cube represents the woman

  • Big cube = Strong personality, confident, stands out, possibly big ego
  • Small cube = Insecure personality, not as confident, small ego
  • Cube is floating = Creative type
  • Cube on the ground = Practical and grounded
  • Solid cube = Hard to read, takes time to open up to people
  • Clear cube = Easy to read, like an open book, not afraid to share things about herself
  • Facing the flat side of a cube = Average person
  • Facing a corner of the cube = Visionary

The Ladder – The Ladder represents her ambition

  • Tall ladder = Lots of ambition
  • Short ladder = Less ambition, happy where she’s at in life
  • Easy to climb = Highly motivated, eager to achieve her goals
  • Hard to climb = Low motivation, struggles to reach her goals
  • Ladder leans on the cube = Keeps her work and personal life intertwined
  • Ladder away from cube = Keeps her work and personal life separate

The Flowers – The Flowers represent her friends

  • Lots of flowers = Lots of friends
  • Few flowers = Few friends
  • Different types of flowers = Diversity of friends
  • Flowers close to cube = Close to friends
  • Flowers far from cube = Distant friendships

The Horse – The Horse represents her ideal man

  • The way she describes the horse is the way she sees her ideal man.

The Storm – The Storm represents her struggles in life

  • Storm outside the room = Does not take up a lot of mental space
  • Storm located in the room = Takes up a lot of mental space and focus
  • Heavy storm = Heavy problems and struggles
  • Light storm = Light problems and struggles
  • Storm doesn’t last long = Struggles easy to overcome, don’t last long
  • Storm lasts a long time = Struggles hard to overcome, lasts long

Example Scenario of The Cube

I am going to make up a scenario of what a girl’s answers could be when you are doing this routine and how I would analyze her.

Let’s say you do the entire gambit and her answers are the following:

She has a big cube that’s floating in the air. She’s facing a corner of the cube and it’s see-through. She has a tall ladder leaning on the left side of the wall that’s easy to climb. She describes the flowers as a bunch of flowers around the cube. There are a variety of flowers like a bouquet. The horse is a large dark stallion. The horse is standing next to the cube just hanging out. She describes its personality as calm, strong, and mysterious. The storm is outside. It’s just a light storm passing by with little rain and wind.

I would tell her,

“So the cube is a representation of yourself. A large cube means you have a big personality and are very confident. Usually, people who have small cubes are kind of insecure and have small egos. It’s funny because I’ve seen guys do this who say they have small cubes. They walk around like they are big shots but they really are insecure.  Since the cube is floating, it means you are more of a creative type of person. Usually, people with cubes on the ground are a bit more grounded and practical. Since you are facing a corner of the cube it means you are a visionary. On average, most people face a flat side which means you are just kind of average. The fact that you told me you were an artist, makes a lot of sense.”

As you see, you can put your own spin and personality into these answers.

Have fun with this, and use it with great responsibility!

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