Fingers of The Gods Gambit

The Fingers of The Gods gambit is one of my favorite gambits to use while on a date. The reason I like it so much is that it’s easy to memorize, creates a lot of intrigue, and you can incorporate touch. This was made popular by Neil Strauss, author of “The Game“. He may explain this routine slightly differently but I have re-worded it into how I enjoy presenting the routine.

How Does The Gambit Work?

During a date or just any encounter with a female, look at her hands to see if she’s wearing any rings.

On a date, during a pause or silence in the conversation, I like to grab her hands(immediately introducing touch). Look at her fingers curiously, and say something along the lines of “Hmm that’s interesting…I notice you’ve got a ring on your (thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, or pinky). Is there a reason why you chose to wear a ring on that specific finger?”

If she’s not wearing any rings you can say “I notice you’re not wearing any rings. If you were to wear a ring, what finger or fingers would they be on?” If she’s wearing multiple rings, just simply change your wording.

A lot of the time her answer will be just because it fits on that specific finger. It doesn’t matter. Just simply say something like “That’s funny, because did you know depending on which finger you wear your ring on, it reveals a little bit about your personality?

Once She’s Curious, You Can Start The Gambit

You’ll start off by saying, “I have a friend who was really into greek mythology that told me depending on what finger you wear a ring, determines a little something about your character and personality. Do you want to know more?”

She’s going to be intrigued, curious, and possibly even excited.

You’ll continue with, “You see each one of these mounds? The pads on the palm where the fingers join the hand (opposite side of the knuckle) are represented by a different god. In greek culture, you wear a ring on that finger to praise and pay homage to that particular god.

The Thumb

“For example, the thumb represents Poseidon which as you know is the God of the Sea. He was very independent. He was the only god who didn’t live on Mount Olympus. Poseidon did his own thing, and the thumb kind of sticks out and kind of does its own thing. People who wear thumb rings are therefore very individual, independent, and generally do their own thing. They don’t like to follow trends but prefer instead to set their own.”

The Index/Pointer Finger

The index or pointer finger is represented by Zeus, the king of all Gods, and the God of Thunder and Lightning. That’s a very dominant finger, and having a ring there means you tend to be a more dominant person.” (Wave your index finger at them like “no no no” or “don’t do that.”) “It represents power, energy, and dominance.”

The Middle Finger

Your middle finger is represented by Dionysus who is the God of Wine and Partying. He is a very irreverent god. If you have a ring there, it means you are very social, outspoken, and like going out. You also tend to do whatever you want and could care less about what others think.”

(Lift your middle finger up on its own and give the bird and say, “It’s like fuck you to the world.”) Girls always seem to laugh when you do this.

The Ring Finger

On the next finger I like to involve the girl a little bit and say “Now that you get the gist, the ring finger is probably the most obvious about what it represents” You can try to have her guess here. You can ask her something like “Why do women usually wear rings on this finger and what does it represent?”

She’ll probably get it right 50% of the time.

Your ring finger is of course represented by Aphrodite. She is the Goddess of Love, and that is why we wear our wedding rings on that finger.

(You can add all kinds of romantic cold-reading lines here, like, “When you fall for someone, you tend to fall completely for them.”)

Interestingly, it is the only finger that has a vein that goes straight to the heart without branching off, and so when someone puts a ring on that finger, they’re actually making a direct connection with your heart.

(If she is comfortable, you can trace a line from her finger up her arm as you say this for more touch. This will build up attraction and sexual tension.)

The Pinky

“The pinky is represented by Ares, the God of War. That’s why you see mobsters wearing pinky rings, it represents conflict.”

If she is wearing a pinky ring, ask her “did you buy that yourself, or did someone give it to you?

If she bought it herself, it means she is sometimes at war with herself and has some inner conflict, maybe an emotional conflict or something she is not comfortable with herself about. However, if she was given it by someone ask, then ask by whom and tell her there may be some tension below the surface between the two of them, some unresolved problem that she just hasn’t solved yet.

Summary of the Gambit

That is the entire gambit. When you are performing this, make sure to really make it your own and put your own spin on it. A lot of these things can be improvisational or just make it up as you go. You do not have to do this routine word for word. Winging it is sometimes better. Just make sure you go out and practice it a few times so you don’t fumble around when it really matters! You can do this with your mom, sister, or just even a good female friend. Below is a quick recap of the gods and their meanings.

Zeus(Index/Pointer Finger) – Represents dominance, power, energy, travel, expansion

Poseiden(Thumb) – Imagination, independence, individuality

Dionysus(Middle finger) – Irreverence, rebelliousness, decadence

Aphrodite(Ring finger) – Love, romance, beauty

Ares(Pinky) – Conflict, competitiveness, aggressiveness

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