How To Attract Women With 5 EASY Steps

How can I attract women? Attracting women seems like such a daunting task but once you understand the psychology behind it – it’s really not that difficult. As men, we are wired to be very logical and communicate overtly. For this reason, we tend to use this form of thinking and communication with women to try and get what we want. For example, men will buy women flowers, compliment them, and tell them they make a lot of money (All forms of overt communication).

We logically believe these things will attract women but this does the exact opposite and turns them off completely. Women are wired to be very EMOTIONAL and communicate in a COVERT manner. We have to understand this and use it to our advantage.  If you want to attract women, here are 5 things you can implement TODAY. You’ll notice that they all are forms of covert communication that play into her emotions.

1. Improve Your Body Language To Attract Women Instantly

Body language is one of the biggest forms of covert communication. The moment you walk into a room, a woman is instantly reading your body language. Are your shoulders slouched? Are you looking down at the ground? Are your arms crossed? All of these are unattractive forms of body language.

Body language is probably one of the easiest things you can work on that can instantly improve your attractiveness to women. There are tons of videos and articles out there on how to improve your body language. Just do a quick google search and you’ll find something immediately. In general, good body language consists of being RELAXED, standing up tall with a straight back, having your shoulders slightly back, and taking up space. Pair that up with a nice smile/smirk and you’re good to go!

2. Treat Her Like You Don’t Like Her

Have you ever had a girl that was really into you but you weren’t feeling her? I’m sure most of us have had this happen to us. We always say to ourselves – why is it the girls that I always don’t want that like me? If this seems to be a pattern for most men, there’s got to be something to it right?

Well, what’s happening is that you are subconsciously treating this girl in a way that is making her more attracted to you. You’re not needy to her, you’re not seeking her approval, you’re barely giving her the time of day, you’re just treating her like she’s your FRIEND. The girl is asking herself – Why does this guy kind of flirt with me a little bit but then he barely acts interested? This plays with her emotions and she becomes more attracted to you.

Now the next super hot girl that you like – you need to be treating her this way too! More often than not, men will find a girl they are head over heels with and start acting like a needy beta male and turn them off. Don’t be this guy.

3. Act Like You Are Already Dating 4 Other Women

This has a lot to do with mindset. If there is a hot woman that you’re into that isn’t giving you much time of day, would you be that upset if you were already dating 4 other women? Highly doubtful. You would think that YOU were the prize and that women are lucky to be dating a man like you. Obviously, if you can ACTUALLY be dating 4 other women, that is much better but if you aren’t, then just ACT like it.

This also has a dual effect. First, it creates a mindset of ABUNDANCE for you. You are not just hung up on one woman because you have several other ones at your beck and call at all times. Second, it creates competition between the women. This may sound counter-intuitive because a lot of guys think that if a woman knows you’re dating other women, they will get turned off. This is your LOGICAL brain doing the thinking. Logically, women may not like it, but EMOTIONALLY it triggers more attraction for you because they are the ones who want to win you over.

4. Give Women Only About 80% of What She Is Giving You

Giving women 100% or more of what they want from you will start to make her attraction for you slowly dwindle until it dies out like a candle. This is because women want a challenge. If you’re always too available or always at her beck and call – she might like it at first, but it’s going to become too much over time and she will eventually start to lose attraction for you. This is why you only give her 80% of what she wants, and about 80% of what she’s giving you.

For example, if you’re dating a woman, and she wants to go on 3 dates a week – you only take her out on 2 dates a week. This keeps her complacent, but still craving more. If she’s texting you 10 times a day, you only text her back 8 times. This creates a sense of mystery, but she is also getting a little bit of what she wants and desires.

5. Exercise

This one seems to be a NO BRAINER, but a lot of guys just don’t do this and I don’t understand why. Exercising has so many benefits to it. It improves your health, mental health, stamina, energy, and looks. I mean, come on guys, if you can’t exercise then I don’t even know what to tell you…maybe you should just give up on women and join a monastery.

If anything, find a sport that you enjoy that will help you get your exercise in. I personally have been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over 11 years and it is AMAZING. It’s such a good workout and it’s very fun. You also develop yourself into a human killing machine which is cool too.

This Is Just A Start On How To Attract Women

These are 5 things you can start implementing today to instantly attract women. There are SO many other things you can also do on top of this that will improve your game but I may leave that for another article. Just remember, attraction is not a choice. Attraction is not LOGICAL. Attraction is built on COVERT communication and EMOTIONS. Leave a comment on some other things you think you could instantly do to increase your attractiveness with women. Now go out there and do some work boys! Talk to you soon.

Mike Nova


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