What are Gambits?

Gambits are psychological tests, games, tricks, or cool facts that absolutely build massive attraction with women.  Whether you’re cold-approaching women or going on dates, you will want to have a minimum of at least 3 gambits you can reliably use during your interaction.

On this page, I will be going over a variety of gambits you can use. Pick your favorite and make sure to memorize them. These will absolutely come in handy when talking with women. Let’s start:

  1. The Cube – This is the gambit of all gambits. Arguably the gambit that provides the most value and attraction to a woman. I would highly suggest all men learn this one. This psychological test creates an imaginative landscape involving a cube, a ladder, flowers, a horse, and a storm which analyzes her life and personality depending on how she answers the questions.
  2. Fingers of the Gods – This very simple gambit reveals interesting facts about a person’s personality depending on which finger they wear a ring on.
  3. Messages in Water – This gambit is a great story you can share with a woman that explains how frozen water molecules will shape themselves depending on the type of energy put into them.
  4. The 5 Questions Game – This is one of my favorite gambits to play with a woman during a date. A simple 5 question game that can build attraction, rapport, and fun.
  5. Plants Have Feelings –