The Best Hobbies for Men

What are the best hobbies for men to have? As a high-value man, you should definitely have hobbies in your life. If you have some now, great, keep at them! If you don’t have any, or the only thing you’ve been doing is sitting at home playing video games and eating Cheetos, it’s time to start.

There are literally a million different hobbies out there, but I will go over my top 5 and rate them by 6 different factors.

First, I will be rating them on cost. Let’s be real, the best hobbies have to be affordable for you if you are going to be able to do them for a long time.

Second, I will be rating them on physical activity. Physical activity is very important in life, especially as a man to stay healthy and have a nice-looking body. If your hobby has some sort of physical activity built into it, it makes sense to do it.

Third, I will be rating them on their social aspect. As men, we are looking to meet women. If you can have a hobby that allows you to meet women in an easy way, it seems like a no-brainer.

Fourth, I will be rating them based on their applicability in the real world. For example, if your hobby is solving Rubix cubes, there is not much application with that in the real world.

Fifth, I will be rating them based on their accessibility. How easy is it to actually DO this hobby? Skiing? Not very accessible for a lot of people.

Lastly, I will be rating them on their attractiveness to women. Certain hobbies are going to be more attractive to women than others. For example, playing the guitar is going to be more attractive than collecting stamps.

I am not here to try and downgrade anyone’s hobby with this article, but let’s be real here. There are only so many hours in a day and if you are going to start new hobbies, I believe you need to be as efficient as possible with your time. This is just my personal opinion so do with it what you will. When you are thinking about starting a new hobby, you should be rating them with these criteria.

I will be rating the best hobbies based on a 5-star system with 1 star being the worst and 5 stars being the best.

So let’s get into it!

The best hobbies for men, my top 5 list:


Salsa/Bachata Dancing

Salsa and bachata dancing takes the top spot on my best hobbies for men list. I think all men should learn how to salsa/bachata. Don’t worry if you think you have no dance background. When I started salsa classes, I had 2 left feet and had no rhythm whatsoever. Here’s the breakdown:

Cost – 3 Stars

Usually, for salsa classes, they are on average about $10 dollars a class but you can usually find deals on Groupon or online. Also, if you sign up for a class package it’s usually a bit cheaper. All of the other factors of this hobby are excellent so the cost is definitely well worth it.

Physical Activity – 4 Stars

You can easily get up to 10,000 steps after a night of dancing out. It doesn’t build a lot of muscle but it is definitely a great workout and can help out your cardio.

Social Aspect – 5 Stars

This is one hobby where you will usually find the same amount of men and women taking classes. When taking classes or going out social dancing, there is usually never a shortage of women around to talk to.

Applicability – 5 Stars

I’ve literally danced in every country I have ever visited and it has been amazing. I’ve met so many great people through dance. A plus is that since I’m an Asian American, the women are always very impressed that I can dance so well. You can dance at weddings, cruises, clubs, and even dates. Women love to dance.

Accessibility – 5 Stars

There are dance studios everywhere where you can learn how to dance and take lessons. There are also tons of videos on Youtube and online where you can learn some moves on your own. However, this is one hobby where you should definitely be taking lessons and practicing with women to get better.

Attractiveness – 5 Stars

Women LOVE a man who can dance. The fact that this particular hobby requires you to physically interact with women is also a plus. Learning how to salsa and especially bachata dance can get very intimate in the right situations.

Overall Score – 4.5 Stars


Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu takes the second spot in my best hobbies for men list. Other martial arts are good also but if you have to pick one, I would choose jiu jitsu. I believe it has the most real-world application when it comes to fighting and self-defense. Here’s the breakdown:

Cost – 3 Stars

A Jiu Jitsu membership will usually cost around $100-150 a month. Personally, I pay $90 dollars a month for unlimited classes per month and my gym also has weights and a conditioning room so I do not need a membership to a regular gym like LA fitness. My gym also has an added bonus of Muay Thai classes. When you’re looking for a school, you may want to see if they have these extra bonuses also.

Physical Activity – 5 Stars

Jiu jitsu is one of the most rigorous hobbies you can have. You are literally grappling with other guys with full-on resistance for long periods of time. You will get an amazing full-body workout with every class. Not only will you get an amazing physical workout, but also a mental workout.

Social Aspect – 3 Stars

You will build a lot of camaraderie with jiu-jitsu but you probably won’t meet a ton of women with this hobby. There are some women who like to do jiu-jitsu (especially some very hot ones, look up Gezary Matuda), but there are other hobbies that are better for meeting women.

Applicability – 5 Stars

Self-defense and the ability to protect yourself and your woman are one of the biggest applications a man can have. As a man, you NEED to be good at some sort of self-defense.

Accessibility – 5 Stars

There are jiu-jitsu schools everywhere and all over the world. A quick google search will find you a nearby gym most likely within a 3-mile radius.

Attractiveness – 5 Stars

Being able to protect your woman is extremely attractive to them. Also, doing jiu-jitsu will most likely increase your health and give you a nice-looking body which will also be attractive to women.

Overall Score – 4.33 Stars



Playing Guitar & Singing

Playing guitar & singing takes the third spot on my best hobbies for men list. Here’s the breakdown:

Cost – 5 Stars

You can buy a cheap guitar for less than $100 bucks one time and then learn how to play online. The thing I like about this hobby is that you can entirely teach yourself. Of course, you can hire a coach for more money but it’s not necessary.

Physical Activity – 2 Stars

There isn’t much physical activity associated with playing the guitar and singing. However, if you are playing and singing a lot you will definitely be working out your vocal muscles and your core so you will be getting a little workout.

Social Aspect – 2 Stars

If you’re just practicing guitar are home, you will not be meeting people. However, once you start getting a little better you can start doing open mic nights or playing at bars and clubs. Also, sometimes when you’re out at a friend’s place they will have a guitar. Usually, there will be girls around and you can just grab it and start playing.

Applicability – 5 Stars

The great thing about a guitar is that you can take it anywhere and play. Everyone admires a good guitar player and a singer. Music is a universal language. You can even start uploading youtube videos with your music and get some attention that way.

Accessibility – 5 Stars

What’s easier than waking up and just grabbing a guitar right next to you and starting playing right away? This is one of the most accessible hobbies there is.

Attractiveness – 5 Stars

Every girl I’ve talked to thinks a guy who can play guitar is absolutely SEXY. I think it’s pretty universal that women find this attractive.

Overall Score – 4 Stars


Hot Yoga

Hot yoga takes the number 4 spot in my best hobbies for men list. Here’s the breakdown:

Cost – 3 Stars

Yoga classes usually cost about as much as dance classes. It’s not cheap, but it’s also not that expensive and it’s worth the cost.

Physical Activity – 4 Stars

I remember doing hot yoga for the first time. I thought it was going to be easy because I was a brown belt in jiu jitsu. Boy was I wrong. I was struggling halfway through the session!  You won’t build much muscle usually but you will get a great workout.

Social Aspect – 4 Stars

This is a great way to meet women. Hot yoga is definitely a hobby that is dominated more by women than by men. The only reason I rated it 4 instead of 5 is that you can’t really talk during a class session. However, you can get to know the girls before and afterward!

Applicability – 3 Stars

The physical health benefits and agility/mobility that you get from it are definitely applicable in the real world, however, you can’t really “practice” yoga in day-to-day life.

Accessibility – 5 Stars

There are yoga studios everywhere, probably more than martial arts gyms and dancing studios.

Attractiveness – 4 Stars

While just being a “yoga practitioner” isn’t necessarily attractive in itself, the attributes you obtain from them are attractive. You will get a defined body and start really developing your flexibility. Also, you will have access to a lot of women. If you become an instructor you can go from 4 stars to 5 stars easily.

Overall Score – 3.83 Stars



Toastmasters (Public Speaking Club)

Toastmasters takes the 5th and last spot on my best hobbies for men’s list. Here’s the breakdown:

Cost – 4 Stars

You can probably expect to pay $20-$40 dollars a month to be part of a toastmasters club. This is very affordable for most people.

Physical Activity – 1 Star

Since this hobby is something that only improves your social and public speaking skills, there is not really any physical activity involved.

Social Aspect – 4 Stars

You can expect to meet a good amount of men and women at toastmasters. Also, there are usually meetup groups and cross-meeting events where you can network with a lot of people.

Applicability – 5 Stars

Learning how to speak, articulate, sell, and persuade are invaluable skills for men. This is probably one of the most applicable skills in the entire world.

Accessibility – 5 Stars

There are toastmasters clubs all over the world. You can find a local one if you go to https://www.toastmasters.org

Attractiveness – 4 Stars

Learning how to speak and communicate better is definitely attractive to women. Depending on how good you get, you can definitely make this a 5-star factor.

Overall – 3.83 Stars

There you go, these are the best hobbies for men in my opinion. There are some more hobbies that I feel could be very close to making the top 5 list such as rock climbing, sand volleyball, CrossFit, etc.

Definitely analyze your current hobbies and see where they rank. Feel free to leave any comments and let me know if you have any hobbies that you think are important for men that I haven’t mentioned.

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