How To Talk With Girls

Have you ever had trouble talking with hot girls? I think we all have at one point in time. Something inside our lizard brain makes us freeze up and forget what to say. Our palms start to sweat, and we get nervous. However, if you are even the slightest bit social you’ll notice it’s not always like that, especially with certain girls. If you have a regular job and hang out with friends (especially female friends), you’ll see that a lot of the time talking comes naturally.

Is there a way to transfer that same mindset when talking to beautiful girls?


It may take some work depending on where you’re at, but you can definitely get there.

I’m going to give some core principles to use when talking with girls. If you can master these concepts, you will no longer have to ask the question “How to talk with girls?” but instead “How to sleep with girls?”

Let’s get right into it:

Don’t Be Weird Or Awkward

I think this is the most important factor when talking with girls. Have you ever been around people that were just WEIRD? It’s like they have no social intelligence whatsoever. They talk funny, they have odd mannerisms, they have jerky body language, and they have a nervous twitch. Something about them just seems off, right? Now, I don’t want to come off as insensitive to those with true disabilities, but I believe most of the times these little details can be fixed.

If you display any of these negative qualities, you need to work on getting them dealt with. Do an honest assessment of yourself and determine whether or not girls(or even people in general) see you as weird or awkward. Ask your close friends to tell you the absolute truth. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable but it’s better knowing so you know what to work on.

If it’s the case that girls see you as weird or awkward, then you need to start taking the steps to fix it immediately. There are a lot of things you could do which I may delve deeper into with a future post but my next point is one good way you can start tackling the issue.

Talk With Girls Like You’d Talk To Your Best Friend

Most of you can hold and have conversations with your best friends with ease. I’m sure you get together with your friends and do fun activities or just hang out and have random and regular dialogue without over thinking too much or getting nervous. Why is that?

Well, you are most likely comfortable with that person because you have been friends for awhile, and you’re not afraid of them judging you. This is the same type of mindset you need to have when talking with girls. The next time you go out and see a hot girl you want to talk with, think about the last time you hung out and talked with your best friend.

Pretend the girl is your best friend and you’re just having a normal conversation with her. She’s not there to judge you, and you’re not there to judge her. You are just two normal people having a normal conversation. If you can adjust your mindset to think like this, you will have a much easier time talking with hot girls. Remember, she’s a human being just like you.

Talk With Confidence

When you go into a conversation, do you ever find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Looking down at the floor when you speak
  • Unable to maintain eye contact
  • Always breaking eye contact first
  • Speaking in a low voice
  • Fidgeting around with your hands
  • Talking with girls like you’re trying to please them

If you said yes to any of these, you are not speaking with confidence. Keep in mind, this is not even the entire list of traits but if you can master these, girls will think you are 100x more confident so fix these things as soon as possible.

Don’t look down at the floor when you speak. Try to maintain eye contact with people until they break it first. You’ll be surprised at how many people will break eye contact before you do. Maintain eye contact when you’re talking with a girl. Only break the eye contact every now and then when there’s a pause in the conversation.

Speak loud and with authority. Stop fidgeting with your hands, it makes you seem nervous. Keep your hands in your pockets if you have to. Talk with girls like you’re a coach telling what his players to do. The coach never ends his sentences with a vocal upward inflection like he’s seeking approval. The coach talks with a downward inflection only to get his point across. You need to do the same.

Practice And Get Feedback

Practice and taking action are the most important steps. Go out and talk to people and girls in general. Have random conversations with strangers and read their body language while they talk to you. After awhile, you’ll start to get the grasp of reading people to gauge if they are comfortable talking to you and if the conversations are going well.

If you want to start out a little easier, you can always try using an online service to talk to people. I, myself, use a website called italki.com to learn Spanish. You can schedule a lesson with a teacher for 5 dollars for an hour and just speak with them. There are also a LOT of hot girls you can end up talking to. I’m sure there are also free options out there where you can just video chat with random strangers. Try it out and ask people for feedback, you’ll be surprised how friendly and helpful most people can be.

Learn How To Flirt And Banter

Once you have mastered the previous concepts, you should learn how to flirt and banter with women. This is an invaluable skill to have and will almost guarantee attraction from any woman you desire. The art of flirting and banter goes way past the scope of this article but my friend Marni has developed an amazing course where you can learn to flirt better than Casanova himself. I may write an article in the future about flirting and banter, but for now, you should check out this video if you’re interested.

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Stay confident, stay courageous, stay masculine

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