About The Courageous Man

A Little Background

Hey everyone, Mike Nova here, and I’m the founder and creator of The Courageous Man. I’m a 38 year old, Vietnamese American man born and raised in Florida. My entire life, I’ve never been anything spectacular. I’ve always been quite the average Joe when it came to life. I didn’t play any sports when I was younger, I was never very successful with women, and I only had a handful of friends.

My older brother overshadowed my childhood. He was the more extroverted, outgoing, athletic, and suave guy. I was pretty much living a bland life of: do well in school, get a good job, get married, have kids – and I thought things would just work themselves out. Boy was I wrong.

As I got older, I started having a little success with women with my Beta ways, but wow, do I cringe at myself sometimes when I think about how I was. I started to really focus on myself and learning game around 27 after I graduated from pharmacy school. After reading The Mystery Method, The Game, and following other various PUA’s, I started to have a lot more success with women – almost exponentially – however, this was all surface level and not internalized.

I was single for quite awhile until I decided to get into a long term relationship with a great woman before quarantine. However – I reverted back to my Beta ways and it ended devastatingly only a year and a half later.

This breakup really led me to do some soul searching. I’ve followed some of the top guys in the industry – David Tian, Bobby Rio, Rob Judge, Christian (From The Social Man), Corey Wayne, Rich Cooper, etc. I started to realize that my issue was that none of it was truly internalized and that I needed to become a more Confident, Courageous, and Masculine man. I also needed to figure out how women work.

My goal is to help out men who are in the same situation

When I was younger, I felt HELPLESS a lot. I felt like things never went my way and I didn’t know why. I never want a man to ever have to feel hurt and helpless. There’s an answer out there for every struggle, every heartbreak, and every roadblock you may face.

It’s never too late to start. Men’s highest sexual value actually is at its peak around the ages of 36-38 and truly continues until you’re 60. With continuous knowledge and action taking, you can transform your life by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. Will it take work? YES, will it be easy? Definitely not. Nothing worth it in life comes easy. However, you WILL be making progress, and progress is the key to happiness and having an amazing life.

Just remember, once you achieve success doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just beginning. It’s always just beginning. I’m excited to have you on this journey with me.

Why I created The Courageous Man

I want an outlet where I can talk about my life experiences, stories, books I’m reading, actions I’m taking, knowledge I’m obtaining that will help all the guys out there struggling with women and life in general. I’ll keep this website up to date with the most recent information out there and start uploading videos in the near future.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I’ll also be offering free coaching sessions as my time permits. Looking forward to it gentlemen.

Be confident, be masculine, be courageous,

Mike Nova


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